Earlier this month I sent out some cryptic Tweets about some personal problems I’m facing and how they’d be cutting into i]Erin Dies Alone’s[/i] production schedule and forcing me to reduce my internet presence somewhat. Savvy users pointed out that there wasn’t really any EDA production schedule to cut into, updates have been uh, sporadic. So sporadic, in fact, that we’re shutting down the Patreon. This doesn’t mean Erin Dies Alone is over or abandoned, quite the opposite, but right now I’m not comfortable taking anyone’s money while the production schedule is so up in the air and when we DO get the comic back on track (more on that in a bit) we figure we owe you at least 3 months worth of comics to make up for missed updates. Everyone who ever donated to the $5 or above tiers will get their digital book when it’s ready and we’re looking into other rewards for the higher tiers. I can’t say we’ll never run another Patreon (and I’d full expect you to be cautious if we did) but for now we just want to make some comics.

Side note: The reason this post isn’t on the actual Patreon site is because I couldn’t find a way to shut down the money-side of the patreon without also killing the creator page. I didn’t want to charge people for the coming month (which would have happened tomorrow) so I shut down the page completely.

So what’s actually going on? I don’t really want to go into too much details about how 2017-2018 has spitroasted my life, other than to say I’ll be returning to the UK for a few months to deal with some personal issues, get my health back in order and, hopefully, write some fucking comics. Luckily this coincides with some big changes in Cory’s life that will let him dedicate more time to our comic(s) and take another shot at that whole “drawing pictures for a living” thing.
I don’t want to put an exact date on when we’ll be “back,” but it’ll be sometime soon.

Also something else might be happening that I really really really want to tell you guys about but I can’t. It’s gonna be fuckin’ great though.

If you’ve got any questions or comments, the best way to reach me is via Twitter or Curious Cat